Issue on back-up on my cloud


for some reasons I have 2 backups of the same laptop on mycloud, one is in the smartware folder, the second being in a folder I created on purpose

the backup in smartware folder works fine

but the other one in the folder I created is now blocked. when I start an update of the backup, smartware shows a crazy number of files not backed-up (which grows) and the real files that need to be saved are not.

  1. I would like to cancel and delete the backup in smartware folder

  2. I would like to make the backup in the other folder to work properly

Any help welcome, thanks !

Where did you created the second folder? Note that Smartware is unable to backup the files on two different folders at the same time. 

I created the file at the root. so it is at the same level as Smartware folder

for some reasons, the backup works properly in the smartware folder and does not work in the folder I created specially.