How do I create private shares on my WD My Cloud drive?

I have the 4TB WD My Cloud drive.  I have been reading some of the forum postings about it.  I would like to have at least part of the drive password protected so that when friends come over with their laptops they can’t browse around my files.

I see some posts about creating a private share but I cannot figure out how to do this.

I don’t see anything in the WD Desktop app to do this or in the web-based settings (which I found by right-clicking on the drive in explorer and clicking on the “device webpage” link under “properties”.  I did add a username and password under Advanced Server Settings but what else do I need to do to create private shares/folders?

it is done from the dashboard http://mycloudipaddress/UI

in the shares tab create a new share or modify an existing share. turn off public access then grant 1 or more users read or full access as needed.

each user needs to be granted access for each share they need as you can only connect as 1 user at a time from windows to another servers (mycloud) shares. also they need to connect to a private share before any public shares

FYI, for most local operations I would forget about the WD desktop app, for remote it is better then explorer

Ok, I found it, I created a share using my Windows PC and turned off public.

When I click on the shared drive in my MacBook’s finder I don’t see that share so I assume nobody else can either.

Now, how can I I access that share from my MacBook?  LOL

Who has permissions to the private share? … they are the ones that can access it.

This also depends on the permissions of Read/Write access.

Username and Password for the share.

Most all of this is covered in the User Manual . Take a look at page 55