Help and more

So, here we go:

I have a MyCloud Home HD connected directly to my LAN… works ok - but never got the Plex server to run properly on all android devices. Real bummer.

However, just this week, the WD Discovery PC app stopped functioning and has a message “Update Required”… with a big button to “Update Now”

Pressing that button does NOT update the device or the software - instead takes you to the preferences screen and no option to update anything from there! Huh? Says version numbers (of WD Discovery and My Cloud) and some checkboxes … and that is all!!! So, how does one update?

Am I an ■■■■■ and missing something?

I’m having this exact issue and I cannot find any information on it. I’m trying to connect a new device, so I don’t think I can use the device without updating? Please let me know if you got it to work!

So i simply went to the WD site and downloaded the latest version (not from the app) … and installed it. I assume that it overwrote the old version and now it is back to working.

Simply ridiculous UX and someone didn’t think it through … but it works.