Please update plex!

For the love of God, UPDATE IT!!!

Can i get a +1 for all those waiting!?


@Toypocalypse, Please refer to this link for Plex configuration:3rd Party App: How to Enable and Configure Plex Service on My Cloud Home

Im sorry how is this suppose to help? It was working just fine a month ago and then stopped…The app needs to be updated

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This is an example of dumb and useless replies by WD Staff. How will this info even help us?
Now I understand that why WD is suffering from security vulnerabilities these days it is because of people like you who reply without understanding the issue.
I think WD outsourced their service to some foolish call center guys in India

The Plex version included with My Cloud Home is the version that is tested to work with the device. We have notified the proper groups of your concern regarding the version of Plex available on My Cloud Home.

Any resolution or fix would be delivered in the form of a future device, mobile app, software or firmware update.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide a schedule as to when a release will occur or if a resolution or fix, will or will not be included in a specific release version.

We appreciate your patience and understanding and apologize for any inconvenience this issue has caused.

The whole reason i bought this was for plex and that answer sounds like i will have a $200 brick forever

Well said - I feel the same. The only reason I bought was to run Plex on an “always on” system. It worked great at first but now doesn’t and no help from the manufacturer. God help us poor consumers.

I don’t understand why WD are happy to still sell the WDMycloud Home with a claimed working Plex server. Surely it damages the reputation of WD when new customers discover that the Plex server doesn’t work ? And surely there must be some trade description issue here ?

Dude i gave up, Im trying to find another way to use plex with my WD brick…or at least figure out how to stream it without their outdated app

After 2 years+ ignoring us, now the older models cant be updated. My mycloud home is barely 3 years but **** us right? This will be the LAST WD product I or my institution will purchase, THAT is going to sting you, trust me.

There is a new version currently in beta which completely changes how the OS works internally (transparent to users). That version includes a new Plex version and is scheduled to launch soon.

See this thread: Plex Update needed - #63 by Ashy999au