My cloud home offline all of sudden with new update

here is hoping I am in the right ■■■■ place finally. So…I went to watch a movie on my plex which has my movies on a Mycloud home device bought it in 03/2019. when I went to go onto my plex i noticed my “Server” wasn’t available. so I was like oh no not again. Went downstairs to check my WD discovery and showed my drive “offline”. I logged onto mycloud app via the browser and I saw a notification f or “connecting” my social accounts, so this made me think, perhaps an update came through on the drive. WHat I don’t get is, why I can no longer get my drive to come “online”. I have done a 4 second reset as well as the 40 second reset. logged out of my drive, relogged in, nothing seems to work. just curious if your update fubared my drive. this has been a issue as I have had my drive go “offline”. it is currently connected via my router and a Cat 6 cable. my router is up to date. not sure what I can do to get this to work. any thoughts?

i have this one. WD 6TB My Cloud Home Personal Cloud Storage - for PC/Windows & Mac (WDBVXC0060HWT-NESN)

my router via wired devices showed my drive labed as “MyCloud-WX11D57ASVDT” with an IP address set to Manual.

also the front light is also pulsating. what does this mean?

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Same here - after the Dec 3rd update Plex suddenly quit working - looks like with the last update they managed to get the cloud sync to work, and “Do more” still has Sonos and now Elephant Drive, but Plex is gone and my Plex no longer works.
I am furious - I bought the Mycloud home specifically to run Plex and it’s been utterly disappointing. Any help or solution would be much appreciated :pray::sunny:Thanks in advance

yeah i contacted customer service. ran through the gauntlet of potential sources only for the rep to say “wait up to 7 days for the pulsing light to go solid” after i did the 40 second reset. if it doesn’t we can take the next step. lol I am not formatting my ■■■■ drive and losing 600 ■■■■ movies because they messed up with an update that fubard my drive. Absolutely aggravated by the subpar quality of their updates.

same here… since begining of december in off-line mode.

my mycloud home has bad boot sectors…because of course it does. after 3 years too. lol. safe to say im dropping mY cloud NAS. same issue twice so far.

This happens frequently with MCH when used as a server, especially with PLEX MS that writes constantly in indexing, logs and metadata. No drive manufacturer will warranty against data loss with a situation such as the consumer product that is MCH. The new firmware 8.12.0-178 and above will help because it will avoid using the KDD virtual file system as before, but the culprit is mainly the SMR drive which can be cloned and changed out and sometimes rescued but not easily by the consumer.

that is such BS. well lesson learned. no more WD products.


We have reached out to you via direct message, so we request you kindly check and reply to your DMs so that we can assist you further.

Is there an update on this issue?

I contacted the WD support, I was asked to do a 1-29 second reset, which I did, now LED is solid white but device is still showing offline.
I can still access the public folder on the local network, which tells me that hardware is working well, but in WD discovery and my mobile app, its still showing offline.
It has been already a week, sent WD the log, waiting for reply since many days now.

Would be a great help if anyone can help.

Anyone get this working without losing the data?

i haven’t got mine to work in weeks. I got tired of it and started using my nvidia shield and a portable HD until I can get a new SNYLOGY NAS. I am going to go to best buy to get a USB cable that i can connect to my PC to offload my movies if I can and throw this drive in the trash since it doesn’t work. whatever WD did and yes they did something that made it all of a sudden go offline and not recover, if they think I am going to buy another drive lol. they got another thing coming. lol. I will just go with SNYLOGY NAS instead.

Most home users don’t bother with backups or learn about their storage device until they lose data, even with an old device that may already be more than 3 to 4 years old and out of warranty. And most owners of the MCH don’t seem to know that the MCH is only one form of storage and not a one stop backup in and of itself and no HDD manufacturer ever warranty against data loss.

A competing NAS is always good to know but that doesn’t really solve the problem if the consumer still repeats the same mistake with lack of knowledge and lack of backups over and over again. For example, the type of HDD being used most often in the home MCH is the WD?EFAX series of SMR drives. To their credit, this is what the competing NAS is willing to warn their users about this HDD:

This simply suggests that anyone using SMR drives heavily running servers and multiple data syncs to their MCH should not expect their unit to last much longer than the 2 year warranty that comes with the My Cloud Home and its storage drive.

Due to performance characteristics of SMR drives, this model is only suitable for light workload environments. Performance degradation may occur under continuous write operations. Please refer to this FAQ for more information.

then they need to make that clear to the end user in easy to read and understand text in the document/manual or on the box itself.

Yes, you are absolutely right, WD doesn’t make it easy or remind their users to backup the MCH and you would think they would because they make so many USB HDDs. Users of this device have asked about this feature for more than 5 years. WDC could make it very easy to automate the scheduled backup process with a plugged in USB HDD, or at the very least a pop up reminder from WD Discovery that it had been xx days since the last backup, and all the backup could be done in the background or scheduled overnight. Please go over to this thread and vote with your words.