Please for the love of god update the Plex Server Software

Hey guys,

Since about November last year, my cloud home, will effectively crash and the MCH server will become unavailable.

It doesn’t matter which device I run it on, the sever crashes and becomes unavailable. I now have to run a plex server on my PC which works completely fine with all my devices.

FFS just fix the F!@#ing issue. Update the F1@#ing software.

Not hard jeeves. Just do it.

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By the way I’m running one of these pieces of ■■■■

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+1 wanting a Plex update for the MCH.

Sometimes back in January Plex began to behave oddly, probably about the same time as the device firmware was updated. Long story short; I reset the device to factory settings and can’t configure Plex any longer, getting a message that the server at is not responding.
Let’s see how support handles this

Yet again I’m trying to change the agents config and yet again it has a mind Omegle of its own and won’t FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WILL SOMEONE FIX THE ■■■■ AGENTS CONFIG!? Please help me understand what is not working. You can determine the current software version of your plex server under