Will not update

It has been 13 hours now that Both My Cloud and WD Discovery are showing that they are updating. That certainly is long enough for an update to happen. What is wrong and what is the fix. Any help would be appreciated.

I would try rebooting the computer and My Cloud Home and see if the updates complete once they are back online.

I have tried that and it did not work. Thanks for the input though.

@rfharbin This may have been caused by a network connectivity issue to our download server.
To resolve the issue, I would uninstall both WD Discovery and the Desktop app and reinstall both.

Thanks…I would never have guessed even though I was thinking of doing so as a last resort. It downloads OK but has been updating as long as thirteen hours. Hopefully I can get at it tomorrow afternoon.

what do you mean by the desktop app ?
where is this available to download and reinstall ?

I did what you suggested and it did not help. The latest update available for WD Discovery is v.2.2.408 and that is what I have but it immediately go into an update process… It will download the update but then say it is updating but I started the update about 4 PM yesterday and it is still saying that it is updating at 8 AM this morning. This morning when I clicked on the icon in the Task Tray it came up showing that there was an update ready even though the Preferences said the updates were installing.

Below the Discovery update is a My Cloud update. v1.3.3.55 is showing and it also has downloaded the update and has been installing the update 16 hours. What is the MyCloud up date for? The Firmware update listed is 4.4.1-105 so I do not think it would be a firmware up date.
Thanks for the idea though, What next?