Having Different Capacity Harddrives

Hi All,

Maybe this question has been answered before but I a tried to search and couldn’t find it so here goes:

I have the Diskless version of the 4100 and have recently installed 2 WD RED 4TB in bays 1 & 2.

Q1 - Can I have different capacity drives (For eg. 6TB) in the future in slots 3 & 4 and run all of these together?

Thanks in Advance for any responses.


Hi, you should be able to run different capacity drives on the EX4100, this can be accomplished by several mean.

  • Create a RAID with the drives of the same size. Ex: RAID 1 or RAID 0 with the 4 TB, and RAID 1 or RAID 0 with the 6 TB.

  • Use as a JBOD enclosure and use each drive independently.

  • Create a RAID with the drive of the same size and use the the with different size in JBOD.

Same question I had, but no one mentions RAID 10. Is this useful for two 4TB and two 6 TB disks to make the storage a total of 10TB?