EX4100 Adding 2 Disk Now and Plan to Add 2 more later

Hello I just bought a new EX4100 diskless and then only could afford 2 4TB Read drives as I just added them and set them up as JBOD as they will back up my PC … My question is when I can afford to get more drives as I wanting to get 2 6TB Red drives can I add those without going through to whole formatting of the 2 that are already in there ?


Yes you should be able to do that.

As a recommendation, to avoid any confusion once you are ready to put in the two new drives, take the old ones out and then insert the new units and set them up as JBOD as well.

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Thanks I ran into a similar post as I wanted to make sure before I load to much Data onto them that I can add more and removing the ones in there as well… Question I take it that the EX4100 sets up the new drives as I took the new drives and set them up on my PC before I put them into the unit ?