Trouble adding an additional drive in JBOD

Ok I must be missing something obvious, but I’ve looked through the manual and I find nothing.
I have an EX4100 and I have two 6tb drives that are working perfect in JBOD. The first drive is now over 95 percent
so I’m trying to add a third 6tb drive. Once the new drive is added the status light goes to blue but now is red. When logging in to the EX4100, I can see the drive under Storage Disk Status, but nowhere else (the disk status shows good and healthy). I can find nowhere to add the drive, or where it would be available to move files over to it.
I’ve tried rebooting and powering off, but it’s still the same. Any help would be appreciated.

Ok, so I stumbled upon the answer…no thanks to any of the documentation, but I will describe what I did here
for anyone else with the problem in the future.
Again, I had two disks I started with in JBOD mode and wanted to add a 3rd disk also in JBOD mode.
The problem, it turns out, was that the new disk was coming up with a red light because it was not formatted (obviously). Unfortunately, there was no obvious way to format just that disk, and formatting the other two would wipe out the existing data. What I ended up doing was pulling all 3 disks, reinserting the new disk only, and then logging in to the NAS and changing the raid to JBOD (even though it was already JBOD). This will allow you to format the new drive *this new drive will become volume 1 so if you want the drive to go 1-3 (or 1 - 4) going from left to right, you will need to put the new drive in the first slot. Once formatted, I reinstalled the other two drives, one at a time. This will not format those drives but will integrate them with the new drive in JBOD.

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Thank your for taking the time and coming back to post the solution to your issue. This might help other users in the future.

I have to say it is beyond disappointing WD, after these many years in the business, couldn’t write up a clear-cut manual how to handle adding a new drive in the JBOD and other configuration. $$billons investment and couldn’t hire someone who write decent documentation. Or, WD hasn’t thought of a customer may add another disk and doesn’t want to lose data?