Replacing drives in EX4100 in JBOD configuration


I’ve got an EX4100 with 4x6tb in JBOD configuration.
I want to replace 2 of the drives with 10tb drives. I removed all drives because it said that all my data would be lost. I added 1 10tb drive in JBOD mode and formatted it. When I put the other 3 original drives in, I can access them, but their lights are red. How do I fix this. What is the proper procedure to replace a single JBOD disk?


I get no messages at all. Just the red drive lights. I can still access the data on the drives.
How do you reintegrate the drives without losing the data on them.


You must log in to the NAS webpage to see the “Raid Roaming” message.


I had the NAS web page open, but did not get that message.

I have 2 EX4100 enclosures, the second one containing some backups of backups.
I ended up putting the new 10tb drives in that enclosure and going through the formatting process, including 2 drives that contained backups of backups.

When the drives were formatted, I moved them to the first enclosure and “migrated” them to that system. I took my two original 6tb drives and put them into the second enclosure and “migrated” them to that system.

After everything was “migrated”, I copied my original files (now in the second enclosure) to the two new 10tb drives in the first enclosure. One hell of a lot of work. Now, to create those backups of backups on the second enclosure.

WD needs to come up with an easy solution that allows you to add JBOD drives to an enclosure without reformatting all drives in the enclosure.


So you did get the message for migrating those drives. The NAS does have the capabilities to add JBOD drives without reformatting all drives. If drive all formatted from another WD NAS as JBOD and you put the drive into another WD NAS and it is call migrate you don’t need to reformat. If the drive is new then it just format that new drive only and not include the other drives. Check you manual for more information.



Every time I’ve tried to add a single JBOD drive it reformatted ALL the drives in the enclosure.

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You can check out by replacing the AppValley drives on to the latest drvier. it may work


You can Try via Tutuapp to replace latest drivers.


You can try a safer methods like RAID5, take the advantage of your paid “RAID” to fix the configuration.


Appvalley download your device, It helps you to replace new drivers.