Added a 4th drive to an existing JBOD configured device

so i just added the 4th drive by pulling out the first 3 and reformatting the 4th one , after this action i added the 3 old ones back in now their lights are red , though i can read data and access it noramlly , i get a pop up massage about raid roaming asking me if i want to integrate it , what do i do i have 18tb of data and no place to back it up to. can it be fixed without reformatting? and will i lose my data in the future leaving it that way?

What’s your current RAID configuration? Some RAID levels allow migration/expansion. Please check page 153 (158) of the User’s Manual for additional information:

using JBOD thats how i formatted them

three of the drives are now not in the configuration only the new one and it keeps asking if i want to integrate