EX4100 Disk Capacity

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Does anybody know if EX4100 is compatible with RED NAS 10TB 5400RPM 256MB Cache SATA 6Gb/s - WD100EFAX disks? I’m thinking about using 4 of rhose disks on RAID 5.

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As My Cloud EX4100 can support drives upto 24TB, so you won’t be able to use 4 WD Red 10TB drives which extends the maximum compatible storage capacity of My Cloud EX4100. You may go with 4 WD Red 6TB hard drives as per the storage capacity.

So, I purchased 4 Seagate Ironwolf 10TB NAS hard drives for my EX4100 before I realized that there was a maximum supported capacity of 32TB (8TB HDDs x 4 according to the latest documentation). I hesitantly unpackaged and inserted the first hard drive and anxiously waited the 2-3 minutes for the server to prepare the drive to see if it would be recognized. Lo and behold, I opened my web browser on my laptop and logged into the server to find that it actually showed a 10TB hard drive installed in that slot. I successfully installed the remaining 3 drives one at a time (allowing each one to finish being prepared by the server before installing the next) and set up a RAID 5 with all 4 Seagate hard drives. After about 30 minutes of waiting for the RAID array to finish building and formatting I technically only have 30TB of actual storage space on my NAS (RAID 5 uses 1/4 of each hard drive for redundancy taking the 40TB total down to 30 TB) so maybe I’m still in compliance because I’m below the 32TB max but I’m not sure. I’ve had the server running for about 24 hours so far with no issues and so I’m hoping that it’s a sustainable option considering how much I invested in those drives.

I should also note, however, that I’m running 2 power supplies simultaneously and both are connected to an UPS so it’s possible that if the limiting factor for the larger capacity hard drives lies with an increased power requirement then maybe the extra power supply is part of the solution. I’m betting though that the extra power supply only serves as a backup in the event that the primary fails and probably doesn’t actually provide additional power to the server.

It’s also possible that WD can only guarantee the server’s advertised performance standards using hard drive sizes of 8TB or lower and that using larger capacity hard drives might make it sluggish. All I know is that for now the 10TB hard drives are all working well and I’ve even begun backing up all of my computer’s files with no problems. I’ve also been able to bring up the same files on my android phone using only my data plan (no WiFi enabled on the phone) and I can transfer files from my phone to the NAS as long as I have decent reception from my mobile carrier. So far I’m pretty happy with the results.

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