New User - Questions

About to purchase my first NAS, considering the EX4100 - personal use

What is the maximum Hard Disk size for this NAS plse?
Will any 3.5" Hard drive work?
Do all the drives need to be the same capacity?

Many thanks, Art

Hi asagy,

The maximum capacity of the drive that can be used in each bay of EX4100 is 8TB each which means 4*8TB capacity can be used in EX4100 Enclosure.

You can refer the link mentioned below to find the Hard Drives Compatible with EX4100.

" Hard Drive Compatibility List for My Cloud EX4100":

If you want to setup the drives of different capacity in EX4100 enclosure bays then you can setup them as JBOD. You cannot use any RAID configuration on the drive as it requires same capacity drives.