Maximum capability in tb for ex4100

Now I have in my EX4100 instaled 2x6TB HDD. Does anybody know if it is possible to add parallel to 2x6TB also 2x10TB? So together there will be 32GB free space in my ex4100? Thank you for your answer.

You can add the 2x10TB drives in the another bays of My Cloud EX4100 and setup the drives in JBOD as it will create one single large volume of 32TB for you with 2x6TB and 2x10TB.

Moreover, You can also try to configure the RAID 0 on the drive but it will give you a storage space of only 24TB because it will be the striped volume and it will configure the RAID 0 as per the total sectors located on the smallest size of the drive fixed in the system.

I would recommend you to take the backup of the exisiting data before re-configuring the JBOD or RAID 0 on the device.