Max Disk Capacity Per Bay


Does anyone know the max disk capacity per bay for the My Cloud EX4? I saw 1 page say it was 4tb per bay and another say 8tb per bay, I would love to get the actual max size before I order 4 x 8tb drives and then find out they are too large for the EX4100.

Also, can the device’s ram be upgraded? I’m not sure how much of an improvement it will make but I have a couple extra sticks of compatible ram that I’d like to add if it’s possible.


The ram is attached to the device’s board?


I currently have 4x 6tb in my ex4100, but I know you can go as much as 4x 8tb. There’s also a another thread about the ex4100 possibly supporting 4x 10tb.

As far as the RAM, I’m not sure. Would be interested myself.