Max disk size increase for EX4?

I purchased an EX4 a couple years back, it’s been working just fine and still is. I was curious though if there have been any supported drive size increases through any of the numerous firmware updates that have rolled out over time.

I got the model pre-populated with 4x 4TB (the max available at purchase) drives and my RAID5 is at about 60% capacity. There is still room to grow but I’m trying to plan in advance; will there be the option to add larger drives to the unit in the future or do I need to look at a different storage solution when that time comes?

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EX4 cloud is designed to handle 4 different drive with max capacity of 10TB each on each bay.

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Thanks for the update.

The best I could find was this URL that indicated that my EX4 could handle up to 6tb drives. 10tb would give me plenty of overhead and upgrade potential in the future.

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Found this thread while running some tests on an old EX4 I inherited from a friend. This thread is old, but I figured I’d add my findings because it might help someone else.

As for absolute maximum capacity, the theoretical 10TB/Bay mentioned above was the highest I could find, so I decided to bite the bullet and test it myself.

My EX4 is currently running the following drives in spanning mode for a grand total of 47.7TB:
•2x Seagate Exos 12TB
•2x Seagate Ironwolf 12TB

I have not noticed any abnormal performance issues whatsoever so far. Most of the apps are deprecated + nonfunctional thanks to loss of support- but as a local Plex media server and data backup, it still holds up wonderfully! If I go beyond this capacity in the future- I will update here.