EX4100 JBOD swap 4TB drive for larger

Hi, I’ve had my EX4100 16TB for about a year now and point my Plex server to it. Drive 1 is now at 95% so I’d like to swap in a larger one but leave the other three as is. Can that be done in JBOD mode? A search turned up mostly questions when in RAID mode.

Hi explor202,

What is the RAID configuration of your My Cloud?

Hi, I don’t use RAID, only JBOD.

Hi explor202,

Yes, then it is possible you can take out the 4th drive and and use the drive with the higher capacity and configure it in JBOD.

Great, that’s what I was hoping for. Thanks Alex!

is 6tb the largest size a ex4100 will recognise?