Have not rec'd notice to update to OS5 although I have latest firmware

I did a full restore to my My Cloud. At the end the Dashboard showed that I had the latest firmware. I then tried to activate GoodSync. That failed. I contacted GoodSync support and it said I needed to verify that I had OS5. After the restore I never received a notification to update to OS5. I assumed as a result of doing a full restore that it had also updated to OS5. (Because I had never received the notice to do that upgrade to OS5.) I find no way within the Dashboard to verify what OS I have . . i.e. OS5 or the “factory default” of OS3. (It makes a difference for the version of GoodSync to install.) So I seem to be stuck is a black hole between WD and GoodSync. I can’t get GoodSync to further respond unless I can verify what OS I have . . and WD Support has not been responsive to how to verify what I got as a result of the full restore. If I have a “factory default” of OS3 but haven’t received the notice to update to OS5 (and I can’t find a way to directly download OS5) what can/should I do? Help.

Access the My Cloud Dashboard and look at the Firmware field. It should show your firmware version. Only devices running the OS3 v2.x firmware can be updated to OS5 v5.x firmware.

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If one is still on OS3 v2.x firmware they can manually update to OS5.

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If one is seeing blank screen for the firmware field and other fields in the My Cloud Dashboard then see the following knowledge base article.

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Thank you so much for your prompt response. As coincidence would have it, I also heard back from WD Support. (It had been several days.) I had done a full restore that resulted in a firmware update to 5.17.107. He indicated that that showed that the operating system was already installed at OS5. (From reading WD’s help links I was under the impression that after the updated firmware was installed, that another step was needed to install OS5. Maybe that extra step was revised, and eliminated by also installing OS5 at the same time as the firmware update.) But, again, thanks so much for your prompt response. I’ve been in limbo for days. (I think it must be like washing your car; nothing happens for days . . then it rains . . except this was a good rain.)