Full Factory Restore

I started a full factory restore yesterday on a 3Tb My Cloud.  It has been running for 13 hours but there is no indication as to how far along the journey it has progressed.  For all I know nothing is happening.

Should there be some sort of progress bar visible?  

I am trying to clean up this unit before RMA return but am rapidly getting to the point of just giving up.  Can’t see how I could ever trust one of these units as a backup device in the future.  It has been one long headache and time waster.

For a 3TB unit count at least 24 hours.

24 hours!  WOW!

As I had no indication of progress AND the “switch to quick restore” button was greyed out, I gave up at about 16 hours.  I set the box up again from scratch and so far it seems to be working.  I will use it to share some recorded TV and movie files but ain’t gonna risk it for anything serious.  Will see how it goes.

Holy eff bomb…my 3 TB my cloud, with 100GB on it…took a full 52 hours, 28 mins for a full factory restore. 1.6kb/s. What the **bleep** is wrong with these things?

the full factory restore is only needed if you were going to sell or return the drive. It writes multiple patterens over the drive to be sure no one could retrieve your data.

The quick restore is the same as full factory but just deletes data and it could be retrieved with enough effort. to truely start over this would be the best choice.

The system only restore leave the shares and data in place, removes all users and resets the admin password to blank. this should be the first choice to recover from serious issues as no data is lost

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I have similar problem but just get 1% progress after 20 hrs, and now I have switched to quick restore and it has been another 12 yours and the screen changed to Rebooting now. It took futher 10 hours but still “Rebooting”. What should I do?