Full Factory Restore

Hello everyone. I am doing a full factory restore on My Cloud. It seems it restarted the clock around 24 hours. Now it is at 12 hours (a total of 36 hours). Does it mean it failed? How can I check the progress? Thank you for your help.

If you performed a Full Factory Restore it could more than a day for the unit to securely erase the hard drive. The larger the hard drive size the longer it will take. One should avoid turning off the My Cloud during a restore.

Thank you for your reply. I am performing a full factory restore. It has been running for 38 hours (even though the ‘elapsed time’ shows 14). All I want to do is to erase the data in it. According to the dashboard there is no data. Is there a way to check the % completed?

You should be able to switch to the ‘Quick Factory Restore’, which will delete, but not securely overwrite the data (which is what ‘Full Factory Restore’ is doing). See p64 of the User Manual.