My Cloud 4TB - how long does a full factory restore take?

I have had to restore my new My Cloud drive to factory settings and opted for a full restore. It’s already taken over 60 hours and is still going - is this normal? The progress window seems to count up to 24 hours then resets and it’s done this twice already. WD say I cannot just unplug the unit and start again as this may damage the drive. How long should I leave it?

I did a Full Factory Restore, which wipes out all data, on one of my 3TB My Clouds about a 1.5 years ago and if I remember correctly it took almost 40 hours. This was a GEN1 My Cloud, if that makes any difference.

Thanks, perhaps this is normal for a 4TB drive. Do you remember it counting up to 24 hours and then resetting?

To be honest, I do not remember. All I remember is that it seemed to take way too long to complete.

It could conceivably take 60 hour or more depending on exactly how the WD My Cloud performs the secure wipe/erasure of user data when performing a full factory restore.

Don’t know if WD has fully explained exactly how a full factory restore works. Does it only wipe existing user data? Does it wipe the entire hard drive sector by sector? How is the wipe performed? Single pass or multi pass? If multi pass how many passes? Is it writing zero’s or some other character to the drive?

For example a seven pass wipe (basic US DoD standard) on a 1T drive could take more than 24 hours depending on drive speed. If so a 4T drive could take upwards of four days to perform a full seven pass wipe on the entire hard drive.

My Cloud 4Tb is doing a full factory restore. It has been running for over 50 hours and is still going. The timer resets after 24 hours.

Should have completed by now. If it doesn’t, give it another day and then post back.

It’s been chugging along for 68+ hours. Here are a couple of screen shots.

Well, looks like you have an error on “content scan”. Maybe that’s the problem?

This is what shows up. The question is, “What do I do next?”. If I terminate the restore, what happens?

I had refreshed the restore link and it appears to have sorted things out. Now going to try WD Smartware.

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