WD MyCloud 4TB Full Restore

I selected a full restore and have no idea how far along it has progressed, no message giving percentage etc.

The program is not hung up and is still working but this restore has now taken over 64 hours.

Anyone have any idea how to tell how close to being finished it is? 

I opened a new browser window and the restore indicator gives a percentage complete.  What gives? Why can’t WD give all the info on the original restore screen?  BTW, 4TB restore with approx 800Gb of info has taken 64 hours so far and the indicator says 88% complete. 

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after nearly nearly two hours in the second browser window the progress reverts to a time clock and removes the ability to click Convert to Quick. And the timer appears to be a 24 hour timer which starts counting from 0 after 24 hours have elapsed.

Why not make the counter a continuous counter that shows the entire cycle?

I like the Cloud drive concept and have owned nothing but WD products. Still, i have to wonder sometimes.

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Hi there 

Normally a full factory restore should not take as much as 64 hours, i recoomend contacting support for further assistance on this matter: