FTP Access over the Internet with Cloud Mirror Gen 2 8TB and Telekom Router W724V


i live in germany and i would like to access my new WD MyCloud Mirror Gen 2 with 8 TB via FTP over the Internet. I tried arround so much things but nothing really worked. Here is what i tried:

  • created an account on no-ip.com and added the host to it - worked
  • added the infos to the nas to the dynamic dns so that the ip of the nas is given to the no-ip host - worked

then i enabled ftp on the nas added port forwarding on the nas for the ftp and added port forwarding in the router …

the domain or the nas isnt accessible via the internet … so any idea or advices how to get that done ?

regards and greets,



I have not tried this, lets see if another use can share some information or tips on this matter.