WD My Cloud Mirror FTP Problems....HELP!

Hi :wave:, I have problems accessing a folder via an external PC. :-1:

Western Digital My Cloud Mirror
Not Gen 2? Bought in 2014/15.

User has been setup to access one single share.
This user can access the folder via web.

IP address has not been defined in Windows settings of Network Connections for the router.

The wd device is not mapped as a drive letter on the host system.

MyCloud Device Settings:

The share is not PUBLIC.
Oplocks ON.
FTP Access ON. Anonymous Read/Write.
Cloud Access is ON.
Port forwarding connection established.
Cloud Service is ON.
Connection Status: CONNECTED.

FTP Access: ON.
FTP Settings: Port 21, Unlimited Flow, Default Passive Mode, Western European ISO-8859-1, No TLS settings checked, FXP: ON. No Block List.

AFP Service: ON.
NFS Service: OFF.
WebDAV Service. OFF.
Dynamic DNS: OFF.
Remote Server: OFF.

Port Forwarding:

HTTP: TCP. EXT: 80 INT: 80 Status: OK.
HTTPS: TCP. EXT: 443 INT: 443 Status: OK.
FTP: TCP. EXT: 21 INT: 21 Status: OK.
User defined: TCP. EXT: 8080 INT: 8080 Status: OK.

Port testing:

Port 21 is OPEN on external IP Address…
Port 8080 is CLOSED on external IP Address…

Windows firewall

Both INBOUND and OUTBOUND rules setup for:

Local Port: 21
Remote Port: 21

All other Windows Firewall settings remained as default.

VODAFONE router settings:

DNLA/Twonky is enabled.
FTP is enabled.
Samba is enabled.
Print Sharing is enabled.
IPv6 Firewall Rules: None setup.

All port forwarding from MyCloud is being seen in Port Forwarding page of router settings.
Both local port and public ports are showing as the same for 21 and 8080, but the 80 and 443 port forwarding has different ports listed under public port.

Static NAT/DMZ/Exposed Host Setting is not enabled.
This doesn’t sound ideal as it allows unrestricted internet access to the network device.

DNS Configuration is automatic.

DDNS is not enabled.

IPv6 Prefix mode is PREFERRED and not RANDOM.

UPNP Enabled.

IPv4 Settings:

DCHP Server Enabled on both Home Network and Guest Network.
Some IP address stuff listed for DCHP Server parameters…
Static DHCP - Home Network:
MyCloud device MAC address and IP Address listed.

External user has the following settings on their router:

FTP enabled.
Port forwarding:
IP address is the IP address of the MyCloud device and external and internal ports set as 21.

Their test of the port is showing CLOSED. !>?

External user Windows Firewall settings:

Both INBOUND and OUTBOUND rules setup for:

Local Port: 21
Remote Port: 21

All other Windows Firewall settings remained as default.

External user has Mapped network drive.
Clicked: Connect to a website that you can use to store your documents and pictures.
Added the address. We’re guessing here what it needs to be. Some help would be appreciated.
Currently in explorer I see the path as: \WDMYCLOUDMIRROR\ONETWOTHREE
If routing to this path on the external PC what does the FTP path need to be?

Logon anonymously or not?

A lot of this stuff means absolutely nothing to me, I’m changing settings of aconymns i don’t know what they mean, i’ve been following guidance and forum questions and answers, but am now at a loss, stuck inside the matrix!

Can anyone help me sort this out. I’ve been trying for hours and feel like we’re so close to getting it resolved!

My thinking is to try allow port 8080 open from my side, and get it open at the external pc, just one idea, but I’ll need to try that tomorrow now as it’s late and I’ve had enough… :sleeping: