Frequent Network Disconnects when Streaming Videos after Firmware Update 2.30.165

The day after my WD My Cloud 8 TB auto updated to firmware version 2.30.165, I started experiencing network disconnects after several seconds to minutes after starting to stream a video through my Ultra 4K UHD Blu-Ray Video Player. This happens EVERY time a play a video now. Before the firmware update, 4K videos played perfectly through my 4K UHD BD player to my 4K UHD TV. Now, the video starts, looks great, and then suddenly the video stops and the following error message is displayed: “Cannot Connect. Please confirm network connection and settings.” Can you please supply the previous firmware file for the WD MyCloud so that I can download and install it and revert back to the previous version, which worked PERFECTLY. THANKS!

no time travelling allowed… in other words you cannot go back… you may call them, yell at them or simply post up a lot of frustrated posts here.

If one uses the forum search feature (magnifying glass icon upper right) they will find past discussion on how to roll back the firmware on the single bay My Cloud units. And one would also find the following thread (using the forum search feature) which lists links to past firmwares for the single bay My Cloud units.

@Bennor, I did not read how you would downgrade V2.x since you cannot modify the version file number…

Not having a v2.x version single bay My Cloud I haven’t rolled it back. I have on a first gen v4.x My Cloud though. I guess one could try to use Fox_exe’s My Cloud gen 2 unbricking procedure and just try reinstalling the firmware used in that process, and not perform the earlier steps to reformat the drive, and possibly have the user data preserved. Then upgrade to a another second gen v2.x firmware version listed in the firmware download link above.

Thanks, Bennor, for the link to previous firmware versions for MyCloud devices. I downloaded the previous firmware version for my MyCloud ver 2.X, installed it using the Manual Firmware update feature within the WD Sync background app already running on my Windows PC (after first turning OFF the automatic firmware update feature). The previous firmware was installed without any complaints by the WD Sync app about it being outdated, and the WD Cloud rebooted. Done! Easy Peasy!


Good to hear David_Mann!! now we know we could go back to a previous version without any problems. We didn’t know that.

Can you post a screen shot that shows the option to upgrade the firmware with the WD Sync program, or give the steps on how to reach the screen/dialog box where the upload option is? I’m wondering if its the WD Sync program that actually has the option or if its the WD Quick View or WD Access app that may be installed along side WD Sync that is actually the program that allows for rolling back the firmware on v2.x firmware My Clouds.

The WD Sync nor its task tray icon in Windows appears to have an option to manually update the firmware on my v4.x version My Cloud.

@David_Mann can you confirm that you are using a Single Bay 8 TB My Cloud with part number WDBCTL0080HWT ?

Yes - that is the correct part number of my single bay 8 TB My Cloud.

Note: My issue with network disconnects during streaming of 4K videos, which began the day after the latest firmware (2.30.165 dated 04/12/2017) was installed, has been completely resolved by installing previous firmware version (My_Cloud_GLCR_2.21.126.bin) after disabling automatic firmware updates. Thanks.


Sorry for the delay in responding - I’ve been traveling on business. I misspoke in my previous post on this subject, a manual firmware update is not accomplished from the WD Sync app or task tray icon. Instead, it is accomplished by logging into your MyCloud device and going to the Settings screen as detailed below.

OK, here’s how you easily install an older version of the firmware that you have downloaded from the WD site to your single-bay version of MyCloud:

  1. Download firmware version that you want to install using the links in your post above.
  2. Bring up Internet Explorer
  3. Type “http://wdmycloud/” in the web address bar, hit return
  4. Enter your MyCloud device user name and password, and click on “Login”
  5. This will bring up the MyCloud “Home” screen
  6. Click right-most arrow on top menu bar to reveal “Settings”
  7. Click on “Settings” in the MyCloud Menu bar to display the “Settings” screen
  8. Click on “Firmware Update”, which is the bottom choice under “Settings” on the left-hand-side of the Settings screen
  9. This will display the Firmware Update screen as shown in the attached screen shot
  10. Set “Enable Auto Update” to “OFF” to prevent latest version of firmware from being reinstalled after you install older version of firmware in the next step.
  11. Under “Manual Update,” click on “Update from File” to the right of “Firmware Image”
  12. Browse to the directory where you previously downloaded the firmware image (.bin) file that you want to install, select the file, and click on “Open”
  13. Proceed as instructed
  14. After firmware file is installed, your WD MyCloud will automatically reboot and TADA! you have installed older firmware. When I did it, I was pleased/surprised that I received no warnings or refusal to install an older firmware version on my MyCloud.

Good luck! Hope this works for others that are wanting to install an older firmware version on their MyCloud devices.

Thanks for posting those steps for the v2.x single bay My Cloud units. I have updated the previous firmware versions thread with the general steps.