Can't connect from My Cloud App after downgrade 4x to 3x - Errors (250006) (250004)

Hello everyone.

I have a first generation WD MyCloud 3TB device, which started having disconnection problems since firmware v4.X was updated. So reading on the forum, I found that there is a way to downgrade firmware 4.x to 3.x

I Performed the procedure and change the firmware version from 4.x to 3.x without problem. However, after the downgrade, the problems presented to me are the followings.

  • I have access to WD My cloud drive from the computers in my home network, but in the Cloud Access tab, when I click on the Sign up button of any of the users, the error message appears: The web access account you requested for could not be created. Ensure that you do not have any network connectivity issues and try again. (250006)

  • If I press the Get Code button on either of the two users, the error message appears: Failed to generate code for your mobile device. Please make sure you do not have any network connectivity issues and try again. (250004)

  • Similarly, when trying to connect to the WD MyCloud Drive from the iOS My Cloud app, the following error appears: Invalid Operation A file already exists at this location, or an invalid operation was attempted.

And so with any new user that is generated. Although the interface indicates that the connection is fine.

I would like to know if anyone has a solution to this problem, or any recommendations that could help solve it.

Thank you.

The solution is to use the very latest firmware (or one version older than the current firmware version) for your device. Certain features are not supported by earlier firmware, especially when it comes to the web portal and the v3.x firmware.

If one wants to keep the v3.x firmware but have remote access to their My Cloud they will probably have to look at setting up a VPN on their local network (that contains the My Cloud). Or one can use the insecure FTP feature of the My Cloud Dashboard. Typically to use FTP one would also have to enable port forwarding within their local router that the My Cloud is attached to.

Thanks for your answer.

I would’t want to use firmware 4.x because it presents constant disconnection problems. Every few minutes the unit disappears from the network, and it is not possible to connect to it (Either from the computer or from the UI). I have to wait for it to come back and so constantly, it is a pain in the neck to work this way.

But I understand your explanation, and I begin to think that if I want to keep the firmware 3.x without disconnection problems, it is necessary to sacrifice Remote Access (Cloud Access). Or upgrade to firmware 4.x to be able to use the remote services but constantly fighting with the unit disconnections, which is definitely not an option .What a disappointment.