Cant Connect to My cloud after Firmware update ? Help

Cant Connect to My cloud after Firmware update ?? Help

Please provide more information. Cannot connect… How? What program, Windows Explorer, Mac Finder? What computer/OS? Can you reach the Dashboard? Have you tried using the IP address of the My Cloud? Did the IP address of the My Cloud change when it rebooted after the firmware update?

I have a similar problem. When selecting the device in the Shared section of the MacOS finder, I get “failed to connect” errors. This worked fine up until a couple of weeks ago. I assumed the device was failing and just bought a replacement, which is now exhibiting the same behavior. The old drive is now behaving OK! Note that either drive can be found by the WD My Cloud app, if I fool it into seeing the one I want (It doesn’t seem to be able to fingure out that there are two of them). I now suspect a firmware problem like Doc_Hash

So I am using windows 8 , and android on my mobile (he latest version)
It worked fine before I updated the new firmware … Afte the update I can only connect to it via wifi being on the same network but as soon as I step outside my house and My mibile changes to data plan its not connecting .
I tried to add a friend as remote user — failed as well
it gives error 907
I bought this 4 days a go and was very happy initially but after i updated the firmware everything went wrong
I tried rebooting — restoring etc nothing worked — i wish i ould go back on firmware versions
NOTE: i can reach my dashboard if working on the same network wifi — i can also access it through my mobile if on the same network
I Checked the IP address — its the same as before
PLease help thanks

You might want to check your Cloud access setting. From the Cloud access setting you can request a new code for your iphone, tablet…

already did that several times with no luck… if i factory reset it would it take back to previous firmware??

I’ve had error 907:

I find that port forwarding cloud access doesn’t reestablish itself after a reboot. Relay mode does. Which mode are you using?

Try turning cloud access off, then back on again.

Once again tried turning on off cloud access – still cant connect remotely ---- I wish i had never updated to new firmware — the black layout was working fine ---- i even factory restore my cloud but still the firmware doesnt go back to previous one — stuck in this ■■■■ untill WD comes with new firware to fix this problem — The fact its so hard to get all this right means there is a problem in firmware — it shouldnt cause so much trouble to an average user — they should make it simple and easy ----- for now this has become an oversized hard disk that i can use at home only —

You can download the previous firmware then follow the instruction from the manual to flash the NAS back to FW you want to install.

the winscp doesnt log in ---- it doesnt show the folders u said ----- i followed the exact steps ----it just goes back to login screen again ???

it keeps showing this message
Cannot initialize SFTP protocol. Is the host running a SFTP server?

and I have done all the changes in m cloud settings as you instructed ???

Did you enable SSH in the Dashboard?


You can use any SSH client: WinSCP, PuTTY, ConnectBot (Android), etc.

Once you’re logged in, CD to the /etc directory:
cd /etc

Then edit the version file with vi. You’ll need to understand how to use vi. Google it.
vi version

Edit it to a version prior to the one you wish to install.

If vi is too hard, create a simple text file in Public, called ‘version’, and put the old version number in it. Terminate it wit a Unix LF, not DOS CRLF.

Then, in SSH, do
cp /shares/Public/version /etc/version

i.e. overwrite the existing file.

Quit SSH client and run the normal Dashboard 'upgrade firmware from file.

That’s it.

You’re fooling the system into thinking it has an older version of firmware, and you are ‘upgrading’.


I’ve just dusted off an old WD ShareSpace, connected to it using WD LInk, then logged into the Web GUI and installed a firmware update (it was on v2.2.9). After a reboot, I can no longer connect to the Web GUI; I get “refised to connect” in any web browser I’ve tried. It still appears in WD Link however. I’ve tried to connect using SSH, but this is refused as well (probably because it wasn’t enabled). I’ve tried resetting it, but there is no change, so it look like I’m locked out.

How do I connect to it again?

Thanks and regards,

WD ShareSpace? That is a completely different device than the single bay My Cloud, the general subject of this subforum (and thread).

If you haven’t done so already you should see the WD Support page for the ShareSpace.

Edit to add: Also see the dedicated subforum for legacy other network drives where there appears to be some discussion on the WD ShareSpace device.