Couldn't connect to dashboard or access remotely - now can't access at all


We’ve been having issues accessing My Cloud remotely via web browser and app for a while now. Sometimes it works, most of the time it doesn’t.

I saw that a new firmware update was out and I was hoping it would resolve the issue, but I am having massive issues even getting to the dashboard to update the firmware.

As of this morning, the device was showing an IP address of (which is the normal dedicated IP of the device). As long as your laptop or desktop is connected to the same network as Mycloud, we’ve had no issue accessing files and folders using Windows Explorer. We work in construction, so only office staff having access to files is not going to work. We NEED people in the field to be able to access documents.

So today I see that here is a firmware update available, but I can’t access the device when using When I pull up my router settings, that IP is shown as connected and as a dedicated IP. I also verified that all of our port forwarding settings are correct.

I opened up a command prompt and pinged the IP, which came back successfully all 4 times.

I tried again to access the dashboard with that IP, and I’m told that it can’t connect to that IP.

I disconnected every single device from our network except for the cloud, and it still wouldn’t connect to it.

I decide to do the 4 second reset. At completion, the device is still saying that there is a firmware update available, but the IP is now completely different and in the 169.x.x.x range. Because of this, we now can’t even access files via the windows explorer because the network mapping has changed. I still can’t access the dashboard even with the new IP.

So now, I have removed the device form the network completely and plugged it directly into my laptop and… my laptop doesn’t see it at all. I ping the IP and it fails, can’t access any files, can’t open the dashboard, can’t log in via a web browser. It’s a very expensive paperweight at the moment.

I suppose the next step is a 40 second reset, but we have about 50 users that I would manually have to set up again and I’d rather not do that unless I absolutely have to, plus there’s no guarantee that it would even work.

Is anybody else experiencing this or have any clue as to why 1) the IP would randomly change 2) why it can’t be accessed with the new IP, or 3) why my laptop doesn’t see it at all even though it’s directly connected currently?


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Anytime you get an ip address of 169.xx.xx.xx, it means the device did not get an ip address. That’s the default address for not getting an ip address

Understood. It’s connected to the network and the IP is reading as – I still cannot access the dashboard using that IP.