Back to previous firmware, Is it possible?


Is it some solution to back to previous firmware?

I use WD My Cloud with 2.21.111 firmware.After this update I have a lot of problems. I can not access to My Cloud from the website. I can not register an email to get the access to My Cloud from outiside.

I can just see below information.

I installed the system (Windows 10) even from the beginning. And still nothing.

If you do a forum search you’ll find numerous threads discussing how to roll back to a previous firmware version. Most of those threads however cover rolling back the first generation v3.x/v4.x firmware My Cloud units. Its possible one may be able to use the same method used on the v4.x to roll back their v2.x.

One can find a listing of previous firmware and links to them in the following thread.

One how to roll back thread.

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