Folder download on OS5

Is it unacceptable that a NAS device with cloud access does not allow the download of entire folders, when this feature will be made available in OS5? in OS3 the feature was present, and it is absolutely obvious that the lack of this feature makes the cloud service absolutely useless for business users.


Hi @upix,

Please refer to the following article to backup data from NAS device:

I try to explain better to avoid irrelevant answers.
The problem is this: Through the cloud access platform ( it is not possible to download entire folders from WD NAS devices.
this function was present in the previous version (OS3). and it is an indispensable feature for a NAS.
if I am far from the office and I need all the files contained in a folder what should I do? download them one by one? it is madness.

Let me be blunt.

85% of the answers from WD staff will be as appropriate to your question as the one above.

The basic problem is that nobody at WD identified “downloading folders” as a feature worth having in OS/5 early definition phase of the project. And therefore. . .it wasn’t implemented. WD has not shown any interest in updating features since the initial feature definition phase of the project.

I think this view is incorrect, the upgrade from OS3 to OS5 has been proposed as a mandatory update related to security, so it is absolutely unthinkable to remove basic features with an update. updating, from my point of view, it means improving. I have several WD devices and I have always used the basic folder download feature, how can I do now that this feature has been removed for no reason? giving the possibility to download a folder in the form of a compressed file would give a very easy option to implement.

Well; regardless of how easy it is to implement: This basic functionality is not there. Don’t take my word for it: read it for youself;

My Cloud OS 5: Feature Differences Between My Cloud OS 3 and My Cloud OS 5 (

I know very well that this functionality is not present, I think it is a very serious lack. I didn’t decide to switch to os5 because I like it but because WD “advised me to disconnect all OS3 devices from the network” due to serious security problems. so in summary: 1) I bought a NAS OS3 device because reading the instructions it has the functions that interest me. 2) after a short time WD tells me that I need to upgrade from OS3 to OS5 to fix security issues. 3) now I have a device that no longer does what it was purchased for (if I hadn’t updated it, I still wouldn’t have been able to use it for security issues)

yes of course, I apologize for my bad English, I hope the important things (ie the concepts) are understood regardless of the syntax

Hi, I’ve just bought a new MyCloud NAS for the same reason…OS3 security issues…and found exactly the same issue re downloading folders. I did find a bit of a work-around though, not exactly what we all want, but you can SHIFT Select all the relevant items in a folder and download them as one compressed file. Not great if you have subfolders or thousands of files or course but easier than downloading individually. (Apologies if you’ve already tried this but I thought I’d try to help)

yes thank you, but unfortunately in the folders it should download, there are both files and subfolders so this option cannot be used because it can only be used for files

I thought so…I need the same…fingers crossed that WD sort the issue out soon. As you pointed out, it all worked fine in OS3 so applying it to OS5 shouldn’t be too tricky.

for what concerns me downloading folders (with files and subfolders) in the form of zip files would be absolutely sufficient

This miss on basic functionality has been around since the start.
It has been complained about from the start.

Don’t hold your breath.

Need to download folders? Use a VPN connection into your network and open the NAS with file explorer/finder

Same issue for me. It’s unthinkable that it is now May and WD hasn’t figured this out.
I spent hundreds of euros on a device that fits my needs and now it no longer does. The users need a basic feature as DOWNLOAD FOLDER. This isn’t difficult to implement. Absolutely ridiculous.

Yeah I just faced this issue. Pretty ridiculous for a cloud NAS. However, its possible to overcome this issue. I created an SMB share on the device, mounted it onto an ubuntu instance and used File Browser’s Docker image to share all the contents out to the web (securely). A simple work around I guess. Hope they fix this issue by bringing back the feature in the coming up dates.