Download file folders

What has happened to the option to download file folders online? Did I miss a setting on the dashboard?

Using EX4100 OS5, firmware up to date as of 6/8/2021

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Downloading entire folders is not currently supported by OS5. See the following WD Support Knowledgebase Article for what isn’t supported.

My Cloud OS 5: Manage Files on Web and Mobile App


Managing content using the My Cloud OS 5 Client apps have the following limitations.

is there a time frame to be able download folders? what’s the point of a dual drive raid for business use if i can’t download folders? is there a work around? or another app i can use? even beta?


I have to agree. I was also searching for this function.
As a photographer i wanted the share the whole folder of images and I can’t expect from my client to download each image manually.

Still no workaround ? I updated to OS5 and MyCloud is now useless without folder download …

Edit: WD should realize this makes the entire concept of file sharing for media professionals pointless yeah? Now I have to go and upload 1.12 TB to Dropbox so I can send it to a client. :upside_down_face:

Don’t shoot the messenger who is just an end user like yourself. Blame WD themselves for this lapse in what should be a basic remote access feature for a “cloud” product.

Ah lol, not wrong. Blaming WD was indeed my goal.