Flashing Blue Notification LED

Hi All,

I recently received an email stating

Event title:Firmware Update Successful

Event description:The firmware was successfully updated to

Now the diode is constantly blinking blue and My Cloud is not accessible.

Please help : )

Exactly the same happened to me. WD Mycloud, not home, but same firmware version.

The device is now blinking blue since 24 hours. Searching the net, it means a lengthy fsck takes place. I believe that is nonsense.

I think they bricked our device. I tried several resets to no avail. The device is also not pingable, which means: the network is not running and no outside access is possible.

My solution: I ordered another NAS already. From another company of course.
I hope you have a good backup!


I have been having the same problem with my 8TB unit. WD bricked our units and have locked us out of our data. I have had the blinking blue light for 6 days now. Is WD going to have a fix for this?

I’m afraid there is no fix. The device is not reachable by the network, not even pingable. So there is no way to correct the faulty firmware.

You can take out the hard disk and recover your data. Use a Linux machine or boot a linux system from a USB stick.

You can also try to get a replacement device from WD. They are very quiet about this bug and probably many more users will brick their devices.

Blinking Blue LED is not a My Cloud Home. It’s a My Cloud and means the file system check process is running iE: fsck on *nix systems.

It seems the file system check may take a long time (even a few days or more).

I guess we have to learn patience ; -)

Fsck never takes several days. Not even an hour. The device is bricked.

The 8TB unit I have I purchased on May 29, 2016. According to the serial number lookup, it is out of warranty–how convenient for them. Anyway, I have initiated the warranty return process. They are supposed to respond within 48 hours. I hope this won’t be a long protracted process. The bugs are in their firmware update V04.05.00-327. Based on their response, I may never purchase another WD product again.

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Hello Puatki.

What happened with your case? My device is blinking since 9 days ago and still the same.