MyCloud Home 4TB - Flashing LED - Firmware Update Failed?

After receving the emails to update the firmware before 30 June 2021, I plugged in my 4TB MyCloud Home to update it, P/N: WDBVXC0040HWT-00

After 24 hours, the new firmware had not updated, but the drive was accessible. After rebooting from the Settings menu. The drive is now “offline” and constant fast Flashing Blue LED.

I left this for 7 Days, then did power cycle and left it another 14 Days (in case it was the database updating)
However, still the LED is flashing White [edit: not blue] on boot. I beleive this firmware update has bricked the device and there is data on the disk I need to backup before trying a hard-reset.
(Oh, the irony that I should have another Backup Device for my Backup Device!!)

Is there anyone had this over the last few months, did you find a elegant solution or WD Support assist?

My warranty on the device has expired. Thought I would reach out, before I rip this pos apart and perform a data recovery.


following, have thee same issue with 2nd gen MC

Can you take a picture? Part number is for a My Cloud Home 4 TB, but there has been no report of a MCH with flashing blue LED and WD has not documented such a feature.

It could be White, now I can see it on the image…
(colourblind: to me it looks Blue when looking directly at it… designers never think about the trouble we have…)

still its not working and definitely MCH.


Good job with the gif animation. Check out the knowledge base article on strobe light effect and unfortunately that could be a hardware failure but check your power adapter or wall socket:
Strobe light

Thanks for the suggestion.

I found that article already…so I bought a new power adaptor already, 12v, 1.5A. same result.

I guess if the hard-disk is not detected…its hardware failure, caused by this bloody firmware…time to rip into it?

If WD are forcing this update…they should at least have some fallback plan for customers when it bricks the device.