WD My Cloud Home Offline

Good Morning,

My My Cloud Home device is still offline after 4 days now, I saw the update about there being an update out which I havent recieved neither through rebooting the device or the program so my device is still flashing a slow white, I have rebooted all my networked devices, checked the debug logs from both my router and the device and it seems the device is fine and there is still an issue at WD’s end, is there any update on the issue as a lot of us in the forums are having issues with this.

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I’m on day 4 as well. I’ve also tried rebooting the device and program several times, but still only get that slow flashing white light. On day 1 Chat Support advised me to just wait for the light to get solid. He said it should resolve on its own within a few hours and if not I should contact them again. I waited until yesterday to escalate the issue and was asked to forward the debug logs. I’m now waiting on a response and will share any advice as soon as I hear back from support.

Ive opened a ticket also I will get back if I get a solution.

Finally received a response from support after they reviewed my debug files. Apparently, there are disk errors on my drive and it will need to be replaced. They say there are only two companies who are able to recover data from a My Cloud Home device and I was given a 10% off WD coupon code. Since my device is under warranty I’m assuming it will be replaced but I have yet to confirm that.

unsolved issue so far, mine also; do you notice the MyCloud Home appear in your router (wired connection) page? mine not there and it keep white slow blinking

They said that it could take some days, in my case 1tb was like half to 1 day