Flac Support in the Non Twonky DLNA Server Software

After much work, I have the media server showing most of my files, however, the FLAC files and the directories they are in do not.  Is this due to the new DLNA server software?  Is flac supported?  If so what might I be missing?  The manual appears to indicate support, but I am not sure if they are just meaning itunes.



Where are the .FLAC files located? Ar they on Shares holding other recognized extensions?

In some cases, yes.  They have appeared once to my knowledge prior to the DLNA software crashing.The directories can hold some jpg art associated with the flac files.  FYI, I have opened a ticket Ref # : [Edited for Privacy - Trancer] as the DLNA server or database does not stay up for any length of time.