FLAC files on EX2

I just got an EX2 for the primary purpose of storing my CD collection, which I’m in the process of ripping.

It seems that the FLAC files are not being recognized as Music on the My Cloud Android app.  From the console under “Settings/Media” it shows an accurate count for “Music Tracks”.  But on the app these only show-up under the “All” tab.  I can play the files, but if I click on the “Music” tab, nothing appears.  As a test I uploaded a WMA track, and that does appear under Music, along with its cover art (the FLAC files just show a generic music note icon.)

Any ideas on why the FLAC files are behaving this way?  I’m not sure if this is an issue with the Android app, or the way the EX2 is serving-up the data.



You are using DLNA to access the music. Keep in mind DLNA is dependent on both what the DLNA server (EX2) can serve up and what the DLNA renderer (the client i.e. you Android device) can handle. According to the EX2 manual’s page 102, EX2 does support FLAC files (and you should always look in the manual first for answers to questions). Which narrows it down to the Android part of the equation - it is possible that the Android app does not support FLAC files…or it could be that the specific version of Android OS you are using has no native support for FLAC files and the app only handles whatever the OS can handle. That would be a question for WD tech support to answer. But my hunch is there is probably not going to be any fix for that - esp. if you are running an Android version that cannot handle FLAC format. A quick Google search provided me this page ( http://developer.android.com/guide/appendix/media-formats.html ) which indicates that native FLAC support is built into the OS since version 3.1 - you might also want to check the FLAC encoding settings on your files to ensure that they meet the specifications on the Android info page.

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Thanks for the reply.  I had been through the manual, and am aware that both the server and app need to support any given operation, which I mentioned in my question.  What I don’t know is whether, when clicking on the 'Music" tab, it is up to the Android app to search them out, or whether that information is supposed to be coming from the server.  While the EX2 is supposed to support FLAC files, it’s still possible it’s not properly passing that to the app.  Or, it could be a problem with the app.  I did mention that the FLAC files do play properly.  I would just prefer if they’d be treated properly as Music files.

If I cannot get an answer here then I will be opening a case with WD Tech Support, though I was hoping I might get a quick answer here.  I also don’t know if WD support checks and responds to posts here.

Thanks for the info, and taking the time to reply.


Did you ever get FLAC files to work correctly?

I am considering and EX2 or maybe the similar My Cloud Mirror.  I would like to stream FLAC files from the NAS to a WD TV Live.  I currently use a old PC with Tversity to stream to the WD TV Live and it works great, moving to a NAS should reduce my device count and reduce my power usage (beside my current NAS is dying and needs replacing),


Nothing seems to have changed on the WD Android app as far as FLAC files being treated as music. As before, they can be played by browsing the directory structure, and even show-up with a music note icon. But if you go into the “Music” category, they don’t show up. But to be honest, it’s more of a nit than a real issue, at least for me. I also got a Grace Digital player, and it works well with the WD storage.