I have been using both a 2 TB WD My Book Live(MBL) and a 4TB WD MyCloud EX2 (EX2) on my home network for media files. I have had them for many years and have used a WDTV SMP to play the files through a networked receiver/amplifier. I have recently divested myself of the home theatre receiver and surround-sound speaker system and acquired a “smart TV” which can play media from connected drives and from the network. This will allow me to remove the WDTV SMP from the system, which I view as an unnecessary complication though it has served me well for many years as did the 2 earlier models I had previously. The problem is that the TV, a LG OLED55E6p, cannot play the FLAC format music files that most of my collection consists of. I then patched the MBL with the “WDMediaServerPatch.deb” patch from the WD Support site to switch it from Twonky Server to DLNA server. This worked: the TV can now see and play the FLAC format music but only on the MBL. On the EX2 it can only see and play the mp3 and WAV formats.
Is there and setting I can adjust or a patch I can make on the EX2 to make it work like the MBL?

The EX2 is running firmware version 2.11.157 and is serial number [Deleted - Privacy]


Let’s see if an experienced User can shed some light with us on this situation.

+1 here!
@ jimtryon
Did you manage to get this working?
MyCloud single bay, firmware 2.x and LG OLED55E6V on this side…

Yes, but I had to use Plex. My Plex server on a PC uses the NAS drives as storage and there is a Plex player for the LG tv (a free WebOs app)

Thank you.
I may go that route (I don’t even like the Music Player from the webOS), but darn, I’d really like to solve this issue… :slight_smile: