Flac files in media server?

Is there anyway to get flac files to show up in the media server? Right now only mp3s are showing up and the majority of my music collection is flac. They show in network shares but I would like to be able to use the search function, since that doesnt work in network share.

“Search” only works for local storage, as far as I know… I wouldn’t think using DLNA would get you anywhere anyways, in terms of searching.

But DLNA home devices only have to support LPCM for audio.  They can optionally support MP3, WMA9, AC3, AAC and ATRAC3plus.

No DLNA server should be sending FLAC as FLAC to a home device (or a mobile device, for that matter)… it should be transcoding it into one of the DLNA-spec formats.

If your DLNA server won’t serve FLAC (by transcoding), all you could really do would be try and find one that will.  I don’t use DLNA, so I can’t say “use this one…”