Playing flac files from MyCloud. Simple as that!

Hello Community. My name is Artur.

I have WD MyCloud 2TB as my personal file storage. It is connected to router by cable, my WiFi is 5GHz on AC. My dream is to play my flac music collection, personally ripped from my CDs.

I tried to add “map a network drive”. When I use Dopamine Player or Groove Music to select drive where music is stored I select music on WD. Music collection is loading, everything looks great. But when I tried to play music from WD on those two programs there are problems. On Dopamine it is freezeing, 10 times on one song. Groove is playing next song when there are problems with playback. I believe problem is with WD. This problem is on all 3 of my laptops, no matter how far I am from router (1-3 meters). This is not problem with signal quality.

I tried to set up media streaming, but those two can’t playback files from Media Server storage and I don’t want to use Windows Media Player.

Soooo what should I try? I think flac files should be playback from WD smoothly. Maybe I should try to change some options on router? (TP LINK D5). I am not green on computers but I have no idea what should I check, please advice.

Try a different media player, like VLC ( for example. Also keep in mind that the media player may have to download the media file before actually playing it.

If one attempts to stream media from the My Cloud using the embedded media server on the My Cloud one would need to make sure the media format is supported by both the embedded media server on the My Cloud and the DLNA media client being used to play back that media.

In rare instances one may have to rencode the media file due to the particular audio or video codec used to encode certain container type media files.

I have tranfers 50mb/s, so I believe there should be no problems on 40MB flac file.