FLAC out of order

I started using my WD mycloud yesterday after transferring all my music on it to stream using Esoteric N-05 and its sound stream app. My music files contain FLAC 16/44 to DSD 11.2. Now my problem is that when you open any file to play you find the tracks disordered. This might not be a problem if you are listening to a pop or Jazz album, but my library is 95% classical and you cannot listen to an opera for example in a disorderly fashion.
I used to experience this problem a few years ago when I was using Pioneer N50 and I thought the problem was in the Pioneer because when I bought the Esoteric (I listen to both mainly through DLNA) the problem disappeared. When I discovered the problem to return yesterday I thought that the problem is in the Twonky.
When I first bought the Esoteric the guys at Esoteric recommended using Millinserver which actually solved the problem.
Now to solve this problem you have t rewrite the database of the any CD and numerate the tracks in 01., 02. etc fashion. The problem is actually in the database that you don’t see in front of you, it’s in the hidden data.

Anyway, does anyone have an idea about this? Is there a way in the settings of the WD that I can do to solve it?? Of course if I plug a hard drive with my music directly into the N-05 the problem is over but my music collection is huge and I am happy with the WD and listening to music through DLNA.

I would make sure your metadata is correct. And I would rename your files with a two-digit, leading zero track identifier. Any decent media library manager will do this for you automatically, using the file metadata. This naming convention means that you can the most basic of players will be able to use an alphanumeric file name sort to play tracks in the right order.

Or try a different DMC app. BubbleUPnP tries pretty hard to get track order correct.

You might also have a read of the Twonky FAQ thread for tips on optimising the behaviour of the server for clients.

Well this is very difficult for high resolution files and DSD because I cannot access the hidden tracks that might not be written correctly. I actually did what you said with the 16/44 files. I used to place them in the easy CD-DA and re-numerate them then convert them from flac to flac and everything is ok, but my library is massive and I cannot do that to all files. I sure will contact Twonky. Milinserver don’t have this porblem.
I am using the Esoteric sound stream app, I am not familiar with the app you mentioned. Can you tell me more about it??

The track order is a result of playing tracks via DNLA or Samba Shares (which sorts tracks in alpha order). I can have this issue or not, depending on how I serve up my music to play it.So, I NEVER have the problem, because I use programs/apps that serve music up as Samba shares, (never as DLNA) and every album is in alpha order.

Can you tell me exactly what to do??

I don’t really understand what you are trying to say.

MP3Tag claims to support .dsf files, so you should be able to use it to edit the metadata in your files.


Again, I don’t really understand that. Editing metadata, and changing filenames requires no file conversion.

If you mean for the Twonky FAQ, that’s on this forum; do a search.

Google will help you.

I want you to tell me how to change the metadata in order to numerate it right.

Ensure all tracks have the correct track number metadata tag.

Rename all files, using the track number as a prefix.

Change the settings in your media client to view files using a suitable DLNA ‘view’.

I know that there are the tracks you see and the tracks hidden, the tracks you see are already numerated in a good way; let me give you an example;

  1. Symphony no 4 - I. Allegro
  2. Symphony no 4 - II. Andante
  3. Symphony no 4 - III. Scherzo
  4. Symphony no 4 - IV. Allegro
  5. Symphony no 5 - I. Allegro
    The rest is the same… when you open the folder on the app to stream you find them arranged in;
    Etc… I have to re-numerate the latin part in the same way as the begining of the tracks from 01 to 08… the problem is that I don’t know how to access the right sude tracks (I mean the Latin number part).
    I hope I made my point, and sorryfor the trouble.

gardenia >>> Can you tell me exactly what to do??

I am not sure this question was directed to me or not, but since it followed my post I will supply a reply.

It has nothing to do with metadata and everything to do with if you are receiving the music files (be they FLAC or plain ol’ mp3 variety) as DLNA (e.g. media server) format or as Samba (SMB) (network shared) format.

First of all, start with a music folder that’s integrity is trusted. I use the media folder of my iTunes program. The file is created and updated by iTunes and is called iTunes Media folder. I do not use the original folder in iTunes; I copy it and paste it into my WD MyCloud’s Public folder.

I have a lot of different ways I can use to listen to my music, but will only give a few examples.
Case 1: is by using my WDTV’s media menu to access music from my NAS in two different ways. I can select the music source as coming from a “Media server”, (aka DLNA) or from a “Network share” (aka Samba – or SMB) I always select Network shares since I want the tracks in correct, alpha order. If I select Media server, I get it in the DLNA wacky order.

Case 2: I stream music to apps on my iPad or iPhone and usually send it on to stream via Bluetooth or google cast it. Most all my apps use Samba shares and therefore the music arrives in track order as I want it to. I have some apps that allow both formats, so it is up to me to configure the app for either DLNA or Samba.

I also have an Androd tablet and can do same to stream my music on it elsewhere. Android devices seem to favor DNLA and one app (Bubble/UPnP) needs to be configured for samba playing another app Avia, I seem to recall is set for Samba sharing as a default.

It is this simple. Anyone playing digital music files needs to understand the differences between a media server and a network share.

I don’t have any high resolution CDs, so don’t have anything ripped or downloaded to .dsf.

But for classical CDs, I simply number every track on the CD, as it appears on the album. Whilst, IIRC, the Red Book spec does have the concept of ‘chapters’ within a track, but I’ve never seen a CD that actually uses it; tracks rip in one piece, even if the individual movements within a piece are listed in the CD notes (as movements within a track). I’ve never seen a CD with the ability to skip to a movement within a track.

DLNA media servers usually offer a number of ‘views’, based on sorting of the different metadata tags. You can even create new views.

BubbleUPnP also has a setting (Settings/Library/Smart Sort) that tries to sort nicely, overriding the server ordering; sort folders alphabetically, tracks by track number.

Yep, I know, but I don’t use the Android Kindle tablets much, yet I do have Bubble app set up for showing in track order.