Firmware re-compiled with 4K page-size?

Hey Guys,

I know there are people working on recompiling debian packages with 64K page-size so that they can work on v4 firmware. But it’s a really laborious process due to the sheer amount of debs in Wheezy and it doesn’t look feasible to do it for all of them.

Has somebody been looking into a different approach: recompiling the v4 firmware with a standard 4K page size so that apt source work righ out of the box? Is there really any gain by using 64K page-size?

PageSize in 64k - Its CPU feature. He run faster with that.

FW v4 and v3 is same, but v4 compiled with pagesize=64kb. (+ few bug fixes and updates)

Correct, in theory it runs faster. I am willing to tradeoff some speed for being able to run stanard debs. Anyone know if recompiling the firmware can be done?

Rather have the speed :smiley:

You could just stick to v3, or better, use Fox_exe’s OVM. He also has a 64k repo. Checkout his thread.

Recompiling v4 firmwares with 4k is a waste of time IMHO. Least is that you could just probably port over v4 dashboard to v3 (just minor changes I believe) then upgrade some of v3 stuffs via jessie or sid.

I prefer speed, reading v3 80ish mbps vs v4 108ish mbps is quite a lot of trade off.