New /etc/apt/sources.list under Firmware V04.01.03-421

Hallo Zusammen,

I have updated My Clould to firmware V04.01.03-421.

As somebody found, the /etc/apt/sources.list is changed like:

deb jessie main

Note, wheezy is not 64K page aligned.

##deb wheezy main
#deb sid main
#deb experimental main
#deb-src jessie main

So I’d like to ask, can I install the aria2, mysql and so on directly from this source?

Thanks a lot! 


Welcome to the Community.

I have not seen someone trying this out and I’m curious myself about it. Hopefully an experienced User will be able to assist.

Do not to try, I have try to istalled php5-gd from official source, and broken the UI. 

Concurred. The latest firmware still using 64K page size memory. Don’t think WD has any plan to downgrade to 4K.

Thank you ALL!

I don’t try anything. I buy the My Cloud for data storage. Data is the most importent thing for me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just failed my wd os yesterday, and I refresh it with latest one again. I am keeping an eye on who can teach how to build one in v4. I don’t want to downgrade to 3 because vulnerability as you know found in last Oct though not a big deal for me.

In Jessie binutils now support “Large page size” up to 64kb, so - some software can work in v04.x fw.
But… For be sure I strongly recommend to use chroot.
If you try install/upgrade/delete something in system - it can wipe “wd-nas” package and almost all system (Because this package have in dependencies almost all packages in system…).
DO NOT USE APT IN SYSTEM! Use chroot instead.

Thanks buddy, as a newbie, I just finished compiling of ARM transmission 2.9 in Ubuntu 14.04 for WD. your suggestion is useful, I will keep it in my mind.