Files Show under All on My Cloud app but Not as Photos, Videos or Music

So i am looking for some assistance to find out whats going on here.
I have just purchased a 4TB My Cloud and have been setting it up, finally getting round to organising the mess that my files had become.

Much to my delight it was easy enough to setup and when it was all sorted i turned to my phone.

I have a Huawei Mate 20 lite and loaded up the My Cloud app. All my folders were organised and easy to navigate. Next i turned my attention to streaming and at the top of the app once you select a drive you can select “All” “Photos” “Music” or “Video”

I navigated to a folder which i have saved many video files. I click on the “Video” image and it comes up “No Video Found (touch to refresh)”
However, if i go back to “All” I can see all my folders and files, i can click on the video file and watch the video, but it doesnt seem to recognise it as a video. The same happens for photos and music.

Is there a step in the setup ive missed? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Many Thanks

Hello BenjoRippin,

You should try to uninstall the app, clear the cache and then reinstall the fresh copy to isolate the issue.

Hi Neo33, do you refer to the MyCloud app?
I’ve reinstalled the app, but it doesn’t make any difference. I suspected that already, as the dashboard home screen doesn’t show any music, video or photos.
The DLNA media server, however, shows that there are plenty of music, video and photo files.

How can I make the system recognise those files?
I’ve already tried to rebuild and rescan the database, without success.

P.S. Media serving is switched on for all shares

I am not sure if that was the actual solution, but after I rebuilt the content database It now seems to work.
You’ll find the rebuild option under Settings/Cloud Access/Cloud Service configure