DLNA Server not finding videos- WD My Cloud 4TB

I just purchased the my cloud 4TB from Amazon, and I have added several movies to the drive.  I can see them and play them just fine from my computer, so the files are there, but they dont show up on any device that acts as a DLNA Server (Xbox One, Play Station 3, Streambels software from my kindle fire).  The same files dont show up.  They vary in size but all used the same riping method to be created as many that show up with no issue at all!  Its highly frustrating.  Can anyone offer advice? I’ve heard people post similar roblems but there are no solutions it appears.  I’ve tried rescaning and evening rebuilding the database once and neither option worked.  Is there a file naming convention for the media files I need to follow?  Something else?  Any help would be greatly appreciated as this is one of the main reasons I bought the device.  Specific steps would be most appreciated.  Happy New Year.

Are you sure you have Media Serving turned on for the shares in which you added the videos?

Try looking directly into the Twonky UI and see if they’re shown there.

http://(ip of your cloud):9000

Yes I know I have the device turned on and the shares turned on becue some files show up and other do not. For instance, if I have 60 movies, 12 of the 60 wont show up.  I know it hasnothing to do with size, because I have 2 GB files that show but 800 MB files that do not.  I truly appreciate any guidance you can offer.  They are all MP4 video files.  It may exist with my music as well, but I havent gotten that far yet.

Well, check under the MUSIC section.  A number of people have reported that some MP4 files are being classed as MUSIC instead of VIDEO.

Don’t know why, other than the fact that MP4 is a vague extension – MP4 can be video or music.

M4V tends to be a better extension for MP4 video, and M4A a better extension for MP4 audio.

I had similar problem. I renamed video files and after renaming all video files appeared.

(for example frozen2014.mp4 ==> frozen.mp4). Rescanning or rebuilding database didn’t help.