Files not showing on connected smart devices

Hi guys.

Hope someone can help as Im pulling my hair out. Ive been watching films through my WD Network hard drive for years now and all of a sudden both tvs in my house upon selecting the drive comes up saying theres no content on the drive.

I can see that all the content is indeed still there on the drive using my PC (and can still move content freely around).

*Note: When I go on the Drives IP it tells me all the files and amount of used space. When I click on it through explorer I get the Twonky server and it states Zero content?

Ive rebooted the hardrive but that hasnt done the trick. Any advice?



Just incase someone else has this problem I have now got the solution:
Someone named @Stampey ( found it and saved my life! Thank you youre a saviour!

This may be too late for you now but I have only just bought a unit but it may be of use if anyone else experiences the same problem.

I had the issue when I set mine up (firmware v04.01.02-417) ie. “no media files in DLNA server list (the media database,on the other hand is OK)” so the dashboard knew the content was there.

I managed to resolve it by accessing the twonky server using a browser (address http:// ipaddress :9000 not mycloud:9000 as this didn’t work for me) and going to the “sharing” section. The share was shown as “/Public” so I hit the browse button and remapped the share and it showed up as “/shares/Public”, other folder I manually typed “/shares” in front

Once this was done it went off and found the content that I had on the drive and listed it in the DLNA Media Server section, I also did do a rescan just to be sure.

Hope this helps someone before they get as frustrated as I’ve been !!