6TB MyCloud on Twonky

Hi i have the 6TB MyCloud drive and i have it loaded out with tons of music and movies. well i am wanting to be able to stream them to my TV over the network so i had started getting it all setup and i had got all the settings done and all of that then learned had to be Twonky server. so even after setting all of that up for some reason my TV is only seeing 797 files out of A LOT more that should be showing… at the moment i have to take my external drive and plug it in direct USB to the Tv to watch any of the other movies that arent seeming to show up on the server… can anyone point me in the right direction on how to get this thing setup properly so i can stream everything on the drive 

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Did you manually enable DLNA sharing for all shares containing the data?

i have all the movie files in the one public/shared moves.   some of the movies in the list are showing but some arent on there at all… and also yes the format on them is correct. and DLNA is enabled on the drive as well Aand i do have the drive mapped for it

drive mapping is not used for DLNA acccess, please clarify what you mean by “i do have the drive mapped for it”

on the Twonky server in the shareing section i have it set on there which files for the server to pull from which is /Public/SharedMovies. that is where all of the movies are i want to come up on it. after i had added that on there irt has populated some of the movies but for some reason its not seeing all of them… As far as my WD Mycloud Dashboard its been saying "updating Database… every day for the past few days since i have tried setting this up but every day when i come back to check on it i get a notice saying timed out seck connection. i wasnt sure if thats because my PC goes to sleep after “X|” amount of time so i have all of that turned off to where it cant sleep now to see if it will help any

the PC going to sleep won’t impact the scan.

there is an option to rebuild the DB, I would try that. I don’t recall if it is in the dashboard or twonky admin.

if the rebuild fail I would do a system only restore. this will leave data and shares in place but everything else is reset like new

soon as i pull up the dashboard it automaticly greys out the rescan and rebuild buttons and shows updating database. i dont get to choose the option on it. 

its now been a full 24 hrs of the dashboard saying its updating database and this time i havnt got any connection erriors either… could it be froze? or is it just possible that its taking so long because its updating about 3TB worth of movies

did you try refreshing the web browser? not all operations seem to correclt update the web page

yed indeed about every 2 hrs or so i come in to check it refresh the browser each time i have also logged out of it and cleared cookies and cache and logged back in to make sure but still shows updating database every time