Movie not showing using tv dnla server

I installed several new movies (m4v) in my “Shared Videos” directory today.  2 of the 3 show up in the Folders on my TV media interface, but one of them does not show at all in any of the folders (i.e., Date, Recently Added, Title, etc.).  However if I use the WD MyCloud app, it clearly shows up.  I tried look for it using my Smart TV media server application, I also tried looking for it using my Smart TV Blu Ray player app, and finally, used the media player on Roku 3 for this, and all my movies except this one (which is in the same format as all the others) show up, but not this one particular movie.

I was only able to watch it using my Ipad, the WD MyCloud app, where it does show up, and then using Airplay with Apple TV, I watched it, but that was the only way I could get to it.  I tried executing a scan in the dashboard, thinking it needed to be found and listed, but that made no difference.  Again, the only place it appears is when I use the WD MyCloud app on my Ipad or Iphone.  

Any thoughts how or why this could happen?  

Have you tried the rescan / rebuild button? Are you sure its encoded properly?

Yes, absolutely, IT IS decoded properly and I DID tried the rescan/rebuild with no change.

Only thing left I can think of is the filename containing any foreign letters or special characters?

Nope nothing like that. The file is the movie Drones and the file is named DRONES.m4v. I MAY TRY RENAMING IT and see if that does something different. Thanks for your help.

I have a similar issue.  

Movies enumerate and play properly when accessed from a shared drive on my PC.

My connection is a 1GB connection to all my devices.

I’m trying to play random movies (.mp4) from my Samsung blu-ray palyer.  I’ve rescanned from the dashboard, and I’ve gone into Twonky and run the rebuild.  Every time I rebuild, a different list of movies are listed.  It never picks up all the movies.  

They are all .mp4 movies, and the only ‘special character’ in any of the names is a dash (-).  I’ve noticed that a couple of movies that have a simple file name are listed with more information (such as “Disk 1” appended to the name).  That makes me think that the server is failing while trying to pick up metadata from the files.

I did have a few AVIs on the server that worked.  They were files that I ripped from my DVDs a couple of years ago.  They worked fine.  I re-ripped the same DVDs into .mp4 files (with handbrake, I did not convert the AVIs), but the videos won’t play.

I noticed that a couple of .MP4 files would play, and some did not like the audio format (MP3).  It seems like it prefers AAC audio.  That’s only weird because the AVI files were not using AAC.

I noticed that the resolution of the movies does not seem to make a difference.

I wish I knew what was going on.  If Twonky is having an issue with the movie meta data, does anyone know of any log files we can check?

I made some progress.  I downloaded MKVToolNix, and converted my .MP4s to .MKvs.  Everything is working as expected so far.  I’m surprised that the .mp4 wasn’t supported as well as the .mkv container.  

Hopefully this helps you guys out as well.

Uh, MP4s are supported and play fine. Lol. 

Maybe on your device, but not on my Samsung Bluray player.

jmac0001 wrote:

Maybe on your device, but not on my Samsung Bluray player.

Try changing the extension of the video to .m4v.

m4v is an explicit extension for MP4 VIDEO.  

MP4 is a vague extension that can mean MP4 AUDIO or MP4 VIDEO; that gives some devices fits.

I’ve tried that, but .m4v is just really an apple version of .mp4 renamed.

It doesn’t really do much good to just change the file extention.