Files appearing on tv and not computer

i deleted files of mycloud through my windows explore but when i access the mycloud through my tv it show files that do not appear when i access my cloud through windows explore. any help on whats going on and how to get ride of the ghost files with out formatting mycloud would be great as it has a lot personal files that would be a pain to remove.

What files are showing on your TV? Are they the ones you deleted? Have you rebooted your TV and then checked to see if the files still show?

Yes they are the ones I deleted and yes I have rebooted the TV.

Not sure if I understand the issue. But if one is seeing the single bay/single drive OS3 (v4.x or v2.x firmware) My Cloud media files on their smart TV or or DLNA media client player that they do not see (or were deleated) when using Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder. That could mean one needs instruct the My Cloud Twonky Media (DLNA) Server to rebuild it’s database.

Rebuilding Twonky DLNA Media Server Database

One may also need to access the Twonky Settings > Advanced page (http://wdmycloud:9000/#advanced) and select the Clear Cache and or Rescan Content Folders button(s) at the bottom of the page.

One may also have to exit the app on their smartTV (or DLNA streaming client device) then launch the app or connection to the My Cloud again so it updates any changes made by Twonky on the My Cloud.

What version windows are you using?