Video files on MyCloud are no longer visible from a network media player

I use my My Cloud to store video files. I have a Sony BluRay player with WiFi and a Telstra TV(Roku 2). I can use either of these to play the video files stored on the My Cloud. Well I used to be able to up until December last year.

I have no idea what happened. It worked perfectly for close to 6 months and then one day the video files were no longer visible. I cannot even see the folder that the files are stored in.
The only folder and files I can see are the photos.
I did not access the hard drive with WD software in anyway. Firmware is the latest version but it was updated when I setup the drive way before the problem. All updates are set to manual.

I can see all the content on the drive from my computer without any issue.

Both media players can see/play video files on USB.

I have reset all appliances (many times) without the issue getting resolved.
Only reset I have not done is the 40 sec reset.

I’m not sure if this means anything. this is a screen capture of the Dashboard.
You can see that there are 0 video files on the DLNA Media Server. but there are 817 files on the media database

It says scan in progress. Has been going for over 4 hours.

Can anyone please help me. Will a 40 sec reset work? I honestly doubt it.


I see now that windows media player can also not see the video files at all.
I cannot even drag then into the window to play.

Power DVD10 and PotPlayer have no issues playing the files

I can also access the video files from the WDMyCloud Android app

It seems to be an issue with the unit’s Media Server. A soft reset should be able to clear any internal conflict.